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March 8, 2023

Many exciting things in the works -- from Three Corners, Twin Pairs, Downtown Revitalization and other plans -- to New York's Lincoln Center coming to Vero Beach.



As you know, the hiring of a project manager is key to realizing Three Corners. Interviews with qualified candidates are under way with final decision set for on or about June 1. Anticipated timeline below:


March, 2023: Write RFP and engage planning consultants to revise the comprehensive plan and development regulations for the site


April - Sept, 2023: Traffic and environmental analysis


May, 2023: Issue RFP for Master Developer


June, 2023: Three Corners Project manager on board


Fall, 2023: Selection of Master Developer


October, 2023: Planning staff review

November, 2023: Planning and zoning board public hearing


December, 2023: State review


February, 2024: City Council Approval


Summer, 2028: Grand Opening



Yesterday Council approved moving ahead with the Kimley-Horn study of the Twin Pairs to see if it supports lane reduction. My understanding is it's the FDOT schedule that is driving this and since the study has to be done anyway as part of a multi-faceted downtown master plan in the works, it was approved. The Twin Pairs has been an ongoing issue for years. It was recommended the city address the Twin Pair arterials that bisect downtown as a key strategy to enhance the pedestrian nature of the district as far back as 2005 in the Vision Plan adopted that same year. You can see that vision plan here.


Since then, it's been hotly debated with much of the dialogue being led by opinion writers Larry Reisman (TC Palm) and Ray McNulty (32963). Whether you are for or against lane reduction, it is imperative you become informed and engage at the public meetings to be scheduled by Kimley-Horn. FDOT has made it clear they want to be ensured the community has buy-in. I do not have the Kimley-Horn meeting dates yet, but as soon as I do, will share.


Also, with support from Engel & Völkers, we will work to bring you via ZOOM and where possible, in person, the nation's leading experts on street design, Victor Dover, author of Street Design: The Secret to Great Cities and Towns and Jeff Speck, author of Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time come to mind. And of course, Andres Duany. They can help to answer your questions and address your concerns about the pros, cons and especially the complexities of such an undertaking, how it intersects with the other planning projects under way, and its implications in terms of walkability, traffic, safety, home values, thriving downtown, etc.



Many of you have been concerned about the sprouting up of car washes, storage facilities, etc. The storage facility was not "approved" by the city; that use is legal within our current zoning codes, so the codes must be revised if the city is to have more control. Council members are working diligently to prevent those sorts of things from happening in the future and are engaging in a number of other planning projects as well. Each of the following may turn into major planning studies or reports, all of which will benefit from your involvement:


  • Revisions to Commercial Zoning Districts

  • Beachside Overlay District

  • Downtown Master Plan

  • Old Dixie Land Use Study

  • Neighborhood Protection and Preservation


We are working with the city to propose a ZOOM town hall type of session where either a council member or city staff member will explain the rationale behind the above-referenced initiatives and answer questions like:


  • What is an overlay and why do we need it?

  • What is a master plan and how will it make downtown more vibrant?

  • What will the land use study tell us?

  • How do all these initiatives protect the charm and character of Vero Beach?

  • How are these projects inter-related and what is the ultimate vision for Vero Beach?


We hope to have this call sometime in May to coincide with public input meetings held by Kimley-Horn. If are interested in attending a ZOOM call like this, please reply YES to this email so I can let Council know we do have a lot of interest. Also, if you wish to unsubscribe to these emails, hit the unsubscribe button below or reply here with the word "Unsubscribe."



Early on in the design process of Three Corners, the community championed the idea of a state-of-the-art visual and performing arts center. Local resident and architect Scott Johnson and then steering committee member John Cotugno have been working diligently with Lincoln Center to add musicians of this caliber to our city's esteemed cultural offerings.


Don't miss "Brahms & Arensky" March 20 at 7 pm at The Community Church -- click here for a spectacular preview. Tickets can be purchased here.


Shout-out to Kate Shanaphy and Gifford Youth Orchestra for organizing and special thanks to Engel & Völkers' Claire and Bob Higgins for their generosity in making it possible for the entire Gifford Youth Orchestra student body to attend -- including tickets, transportation and the opportunity to meet the artists in person. Read the 32963 feature story about Engel & Völkers here.




This Let's Talk Vero update is made possible with support from Engel & Völkers


Let's Talk Vero is not affiliated with the City of Vero Beach

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